Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Job, New Challenges

I haven’t been blogging lately, but hopefully I will start getting the ball rolling once again. Let’s start with a personal post.

Yesterday I started on a new job at Intermedia, and I can’t stress enough how happy this makes me. I can’t wait to face all the new challenges that will arise through time, and my co-workers managed to make me feel very comfortable in only two days. I’m sure I’ll get to know really great people and very talented developers from which I will learn a lot. Also, this company has very interesting projects which most involve state of the art technology.

One of my main tasks will be research, which hopefully will have a positive impact on this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming.

The board is set, let’s get it on!


  1. Bien ahí Patu, suerte en el laburo. Postea algo sino no tengo nada q leer y me aburro... jejejeje

  2. Patu, maestro, ídolo, muchisima suerte hermano!!! Vas a encontrar buena gente ahí y ellos tienen la suerte de poder aprender de vos viejo, que no es poca cosa... Vamo arriba papá!!!!
    Un abrazo!!! NicoZ

  3. Patu!!!, me uno a los deseos del Faba y Nico, suerte en pila en todo, te lo merecés carajo!!